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Annual document processing and printing costs are generally considerably higher than companies realise. The reason: most businesses lack a professional printing and document management system – even though this is a source of significant saving potential.

Toshiba Managed Document Services is an end-to-end solution that helps you make your company’s document management more transparent. We work together with you to uncover hidden costs, optimise processes and help you run your business more efficiently. All of this, of course, without interfering with your day-to-day business.
To enable you to profit from the Toshiba Effect we have developed AIM – our 3-stage method – to Analyse, Implement and Manage your document processing.

The result:

  • Transparent costs
  • Optimised processes
  • Enhanced efficiency

Analyse, evaluate, optimise
Our work begins with an analysis of your existing printer landscape and all related structures and processes. This includes scanning your printer network, checking devices and interviewing your staff. We thus gain an accurate overview of how, where and when every printing process takes place within your company. Based on the data captured, we develop a package of measures optimally tailored to meet your specific needs. These can be straightforward measures for more efficient device utilisation as well as complex recommendations that positively affect the entire workflow. 

Procurement, installation, configuration

Without disrupting your day-to-day work processes, we systematically address each task defined in cooperation with you in our project plan. Should you be planning to invest in new equipment and technologies for your company, we will develop suggestions and solutions individually tailored to meet your needs. If required, our staff and service specialists can be specially trained according to your needs and can work if desired onsite at your company. This shortens channels of communication and reaction times. 

Controlling, reporting, planning

In close cooperation with you, we watch over your printing environment with the help of computer-supported monitoring tools. Printers, copiers, consumables – we see to all the needs of your document management infrastructure, including procurement, maintenance, repair and of course all required software components. At regular intervals you receive reports listing all numbers, data and facts related to your document management. Based on this information and an evaluation of the individual details, we can develop further measures for continuous optimisation without interrupting your processes.
Whatever your individual needs are, the Toshiba Effect will pay off for your company, too.